Bespoke furniture - new trend in Edinburgh

Recently we noticed completely fresh trend in our city. It turned out that more and more young people decide to buy bespoke furniture instead of regular goods available in big chain stores.
Tom Cooper from Bespoke Furniture Edinburgh told me, that young people are tired with anonymity of cheap furniture. It makes them feel like they live in some house catalog, instead of private and intimate place which real home should be.

How good video conference room should be designed?


Before dwelling into that question, let’s remember, that there are already entities providing great video conference room of high quality but also at decent price. That said, there is always room (sic!) for improvement, so we would like guide you through elements that good video conference room shall possess.

Large space

This first one is quite obvious. We have to remember that successful conference rooms will have large audiences and many different applications. To prepare for that, one has to adopt simple rule – there is never room that is too small. That being said, there is also need for comfortable exchange of information between people participating in meetings.

In order to design good conference room, one has to find sweet spot between to extremes.

Large video screens

It is not rocket science as well. Small screens make conferences more than a burden, than a pleasure. However it is important to remember, that video quality is more difficult to maintain, when the screens are of bigger size. It is therefore important to never compromise quality in exchange of flashiness.

Spacious sound

The last element is also the one that everyone thinks the least about. It is a shame since, paradoxically it is not the video and visibility that makes good conference as much as sound. Humans exchange information through sounds, so person designing room has to take that under considerations. It is important that voices of all people attending conference are heard equally, but also they should indicate in which place this person is currently at.

conference room with video

Looking for good car service is nightmare

nice carAs probably every person in the universe, I have some problems with my car all the time. There is no day when something is not working properly, or at least sounds from under the mask are concerning. I live in Edinburgh, so it was logical for me to look for good car services locally. But it turned out, that it was more difficult task than I thought at first.

Roofers - services in Edinburgh

If you worry about state of your roof and safety of your home, you are in the same situation as we were just few weeks ago. Fortunately, we found solution. Luckily for us, living in Edinburgh, in our town exists small company, providing services perfect for needs of those, who have problems with conditions of their roofs.